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Old 26-01-16, 08:42 AM
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PC Build Update 2016

So it's been a year since this build, and believe me when I tell you I never really intended to upgrade this PC, no less than switch out all the parts in a single year. Yeah that happened...

Three times my water cooling setup broke (Swiftech H240-X). Two times the reservoir window cracked from pump vibrations (yup that happened!), and last the pump went whacko on the second unit. After that Coolerkit gave me my money back and I ended up buying a EKWB XLC Predator 360 Rev. 1.1 for 50% off. Not exactly what I had planned as a whole. Let's not even talk about the 6 x GTX 980 Ti's with coil whine issues! Shhhhh!

I took the Predator 360 deal because it was a bargain of course, and I already had the ASUS GTX 980 Ti Poseidon. All I need was another set of quick couplings, fittings and adapters and I was ready. Originally I wanted to do a full custom loop in a new case, but I decided to chill out. Money don't grow on trees I've been told

New setup:

Intel i7 5830K @ 4.00 GHz - 0,98v - 50-55C load temps depending on what kind of torture I put it through.
ASUS Poseidon Platinum GTX 980 Ti @ factory OC - 55 - 60C depending on game and stress test. I'm not impressed to say the least.
ASUS Sabertooth X99
Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2800 MHz @ 3000 MHz CL16 1,35v.
Corsair AX860i
2 x 512GB Samsung SSD 840/850 Pro.

Larger pictures on Imgur.

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corsair, ekwb predator 360, fractal, poseidon, sabertooth x99

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