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Old 30-11-13, 08:57 AM
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Calling Veterans

Q9650 running BF4 and COD:G Maxed at 70-100fps (1920x1080, 2xAA).

I know this setup is ancient, but it still manages ok in todays games.
BF3 & BF4 maxed out 1920x1080 2XAA at 70-100fps, COD: Ghosts maxed at 60fps (1920, 2xAA), AC4 at 40fps (Maxed 1920, 2xTXAA)

See if anyone who's been around long enough, and remembers 775 oc'ing can help me with the occasional (once a month) lockup.

It's the lockup where the screen freezes and the sound loops in a loud droning sound.

Thanks if you used to know about 775 oc's back in the day and can give me a tip.

CPU: Q9650 @ 4.07Ghz
GPU: Asus CU II GTX 670 Top @ 1185
MB: Asus Striker II NSE

Multi: 9x
FSB: 1810 Mhz (452.5)
Mem DDR3 8GB: 1650 Mhz (9-9-9-24 1T P1&P2 Enabled)

vCore: 1.275 (Bios)
LLC: Enabled
PLL: 1.50
FSB/VTT: 1.30
DRAM: 1.80
NB: 1.38
SB: 1.50
GTL's: All auto

thanks again!

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Old 03-12-13, 11:20 AM
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When did the lock up's start or has it been there since you first built and overclocked the pc?
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Old 04-12-13, 06:40 PM
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Lockups and looping sounds are usually a sign of either a memory issue or a low CPU voltage.
It can also be caused by conflicting low-level drivers. Have you installed any hardware prior to the problem. Everything from hardware to peripherals..?
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