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How To Post Project Logs

This is a quick guide on how to successfully post your project log to the forum. This is not a concrete guide that must be followed to the letter, but it's a good demonstration on what we're expecting from you guys.

Intro: Give some back story on what you're doing, the reasons behind it, and how far you think you're going to take it. Have you been building rigs for a long time? If you're into the modding scene, have you had any past projects? Any and all details are welcome.

If you're starting your project log before you've got any concrete information on what you'll be doing, just say so, and tell us what you're thinking about.

Rig specifications: If you've started on your project, please list everything that you have to hand. Cases, processors, etc. If it gets changed along the way, make a note of it when it happens, just so as to keep the thread as up to date as possible, while giving a good timeline of the project's progress.

Not got any of your parts together yet? That's fine, just tell us what you're planning on buying, or what you're thinking of.

Posting updates: There are three ways to post updates about your latest work on the project: Written updates, photo updates, and video updates. All three should be used in conjunction with eachother. Although you could never just post photos without any accompanying text, we do not allow all updates to be in video format. You must include the other forms too.

Written updates are useful for the smaller updates, for when taking a photo may not be worth it or for when you simply forgot your camera that day.

Photo updates, the most common form found on the forums, should be accompanied with some details on what the photos are showing. Including photos can be done in two ways.
One is to use the in-built image attachment tool that the forum provides. The other, and often more popular method, is to use an image hosting site such as http://www.imgur.com to upload your photos and use [IMG] tags to embed them into the thread.

Please ensure that your images are resized to 1024x768 or smaller. This can be done in a number of ways shown in this link: http://forum.overclock3d.net/showthread.php?t=37499

Posting a link to another site where your rig has is exhibited is not allowed. Any images included must be able to be viewed without external links.

For example, this is not acceptable:

Whereas this is:

( Code: [img]http://i.imgur.com/WAZQs5T.png[/img] )

Video updates should only ever be done through YouTube, but there are some further rules regarding what's permitted. No money should be made from the views made to your video. These videos are for the explicit purpose of showcasing your recent updates, not to make you money. If you're in the position to monetise your videos we must ask you not to. We're also against any pleas for subscribers, likes, or comments.

To include YouTube videos in your post, youtube tags need to be included around the end of the youtube link.
For example, the video you wished to link to was:

Simply copy and paste the text after 'v=' between two youtube tags; ie:


This will result in the video being embedded correctly in the widescreen format.

Sponsoring by third party companies: Sponsorship deals with third party companies are becoming more common, and they are allowed. It is our view that they bring life to the community by providing project logs that may not have been previously possible without the aid of a sponsor. With this, however, comes a problem. We do not want your project log to turn into a huge advertising platform for other companies. As such, we reserve the right to remove any credit or thanks that you give to a company if we deem it too much. A quick, "I'd like to give a big thanks to Corsair for providing me with the H100i All-in-One cooling solution for this build! Huge props, guys!" is fine, but nothing too extravagant. Posting the logos of your sponsors, as I imagine is often part-and-parcel of the sponsorship agreement, is also permitted, but again we have restrictions. Photos are not to exceed 200x200 pixels. Anything more and the photo WILL be removed.


Not acceptable:

- - - - -
A demonstration of a 'good' Project Log post.
- - - - -

Hey guys! First time posting on these forums and I thought that it would be a great chance to share my journey with you as I get the parts together for my PC

I've been using my aged 2006 iMac for too long and so it's time to upgrade! The Apple's been given the Frankenstein treatment at present, and i'm still pondering over what to do with its remains. Feel free to give any advice, the more fun the better!

As i'm still at college I have yet to gain the funds to buy everything outright, thus i'm buying my components in stages. I'll try to update this log as much as possible, but my memory isn't what it used to be

Proposed rig components:

Intel i7-3770k
Noctua NH-D14
Corsair AX850
MSI 7850 Power Edition
8GB Mushkin Blackline RAM @ 1600
2 x 120GB Mushkin Chronos SSDs in RAID0 for the OS, programs, and games
1TB WD Green drive for everything else
Corsair M60 Mouse
Corsair K90 Mechanical Keyboard

So, as of right now, the only components I have are the CPU and my two SSDs, all pictured below.

Oh, and my zombified iMac

Please tell me if you think i've made any bad choices in regards to components, as I still have time to be convinced to buy other things!

- - - - - -

Hey guys, thanks for the input that you've given me!
I've decided to bump the speed of the RAM up to 2133MHz instead of 1600MHz, as I hear that Ivy can show benefits from the higher bandwidth. Also, I've chosen to stick with my current chiclet keyboard from my iMac for now, as I feel that I can still game on it just fine, and it's what i'm used to!

Still waiting for most of the parts to arrive, but I have heard that my local post office is holding a few packages for me, so I look forward to collecting them tomorrow!

Shall keep you updated as ever.

- - - - - -

Good afternoon to you all!

Good news! My GPU has arrived! I daren't remove it from it's packaging just yet, but I've taken a picture of its box just for y'all. I'm so excited!

Can't wait to get everything sorted and start overclocking this bad boy

Until next time!

- - - - - -

Sorry it's been a while since my last update, folks. The etailer from which I purchased the components seems to be having some logistics issues, and as such the majority of my parts are still yet to arrive.
In semi-related news my camera has died, so no more photo updated until I can get this one repaired/a replacement.

My PSU was delivered yesterday, and I must say it's smaller than I thought it would be. Strange how you get a false sense of perspective from watching reviews without ever seeing one in the flesh

Hopefully i'll get my camera sorted pronto, but it may be that my next update will be when everything's built. We'll just have to see how it goes, I guess.

- - - - - -

As predicted, it's taken this long for my camera to get sorted, but my rig is complete! I'll sort some more artsy photos out later, but i'll tease you with this one for now

Let me just say that it runs like a dream! And so quiet, too. The NH-D14 is running on 5v from the PSU and it's damn near impossible to hear it at all.
I've managed to overclock the CPU to a conservative 4.4GHz, and the GPU to a mighty 1250MHz. I've managed to get the GPU up to 1305MHz for benches, which is just staggering to me. Such a good little card!

I'll be sure to keep this thread updated if and when I make any changes to the rig, but for now, I think this is it.
Thankyou to all of you who've kept with me so far, you've all been so encouraging!
Take care.

- - - - - -

End of demonstration.

I hope this guide will prove helpful to you, and that you'll keep to these guidelines when making your own threads. We look forward to seeing your own project logs!

The OC3D Staff Team.

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Great guide! I'm sure it'll be helpful to those who are new to these forums
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Great Guide Mate! Will be of use when I make a log of my build later in the year!

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Quick question; does this mean that the project log and updates should always be made on the first post?
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Originally Posted by Surfie View Post
Quick question; does this mean that the project log and updates should always be made on the first post?

You're best off posting updates in new posts (edit your previous one rather than adding a new one if no one has replied).

When you get to the end with the final pictures, you may be better putting some of the final pictures into the first post so people know where the project will end up, but if you put all the pictures in the first post it'll just end up being too cluttered and confusing.
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Thank you for this!
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Holy necro - even I got an email for that!
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Well god damn
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Originally Posted by jamesriley94 View Post
Holy necro - even I got an email for that!
Originally Posted by Josh Weston View Post
Well god damn
Oh wow! Haven't seen you guys 'round here in a looooooong time

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Talk about a reunion...
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