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Old 16-05-17, 05:04 PM
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Sorry for the big gap since the last update, someone decided to run away with all the photo's and then take his daily PC apart

Anyway, right back to it. Where were we?

Yes, building up cables!

Being the first and only Parvum with a front mounted PSU that made tackling the cables quite a unique task so we took a unique approach.

We wanted to achieve a really organic form, a contrast to the harsh straight lines of the loop but still purposefully direct.

Enough admiration for the moment, prep for coolant!

With the case completely together you can see just how exactly the GPU fits inside

I'm so used to seeing a PSU fan on the side, this just isn't right anymore.

Mayhems Pastel white incoming! Both little reservoirs filling simultaneously was great fun.

**coolant intensifies**

Well this was the end of our 2-day build, but a little package from Slovenia arrived today... J.

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Old 16-05-17, 05:12 PM
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Beautiful little build
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Old 03-06-17, 05:48 PM
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absolutly stunning build there!!!
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Old 04-06-17, 12:09 AM
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Gorgeous build, but I have a question - how much clearance is there between the mid board and the radiator fans? It looks tight as the proverbial gnats chuff in there!
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Old 04-06-17, 02:28 AM
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Nicely packed. Great job.
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Old 04-06-17, 02:11 PM
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Lovely build! One of the best things in custom PCs today is the amount of power you can pack into something and still have decent temps etc.
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Old 15-06-17, 03:21 AM
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Although we had it running good there is always just a little more to unlock and aesthetic tweaks to be made, so we pulled it all apart ready for the latest Slovenian care package to be installed.

Bye bye copper/acetal!

One moment please RAM, we'll get back to you soon.

Right, new 7700k for extra ghz! The 6700k was benching at 4.9ghz an exceptional sample but some very rushed screening was showing potential for 5.1ghz with this new guy.

And here it is, the new Strix 'i' (totally not impact) block.

Preparing the Impa... i

Here we go now, pace is building.

...and a new GPU block to match! Another Titan block rather than the Ti or FE variants because the hefty new terminal definitely wouldn't fit in our mm perfect chassis. Wishful thinking also, we may find an extra 1GB IC on the warehouse floor to turn this into a Titan one day!

Now everybody, remember there is a fan header right under the block, erm, we didn't and we were using it. But if you remove the Wi-Fi header and try hard enough, it can be done. (mileage may vary on finger size)

As if by magic though, we managed to get the pumps in under the block.

Some ~7mm longer tubes were needed to make the extra distance.

Also got a proper EKWB backplate in that fancy nickel, very shiiiiny RGB enhancement.

We know some of you are eagerly awaiting those coolant shots, well maybe the tease has gone on long enough.

Getting real close now! J.
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Old 15-06-17, 04:17 AM
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Really nice stuff as ever!
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Old 15-06-17, 10:30 AM
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Does look very tidy boys
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Old 04-11-17, 07:10 PM
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We return for another round! i1.0 Prototype-I has been performing very well and with the monoblock fitted it feels complete, definitely the best system in the office for a quick game of PUBG. So instead of cannibalizing it's parts and swapping in a different motherboard we will be building i1.0 Prototype-II.

Each decision on the original was focused around keeping it as small and simple as possible, now we have a little more time it will be taking the opposite route. Just the same concept but a very different approach...

Furia - 73 x 320 x 335mm - 7.8l -76%
X2.0 - 250 x 250 x 310mm - 19.4l -40%
i1.0-I - 235 x 307 x 350mm - 25.2l -22%
VEER1.0 - 267 x 307 x 357mm - 29.3l -10%
i1.0-II - 285 x 320 x 355mm - 32.4l 0%
Manta - 245 x 426 x 450mm - 47.0l +45%

Getting a little wider but for good reason a 30mm acrylic plate through the center houses the reservoir (20mm thick internally), the motherboard, active cooling for the rear M.2 drive and the rear side of the CPU socket as well as all the distribution of cables and coolant. Front and rear chambers are also a little wider giving extra fan clearance and room for a wider GPU.

The PSU has moved to the back with an EK PE 240mm in it's place out front. Then surrounding the PSU in the rear chamber will be a second PE 240mm and an additional PE 120mm leaving just enough room to route the PSU cables. The dual SPC pumps will be dropped in favour of a single D5 REVO but the GPU and motherboard block will remain in parallel.

We collected the 30mm polished acrylic block yesterday and all of the stainless steel screws are due next week so building will commence very soon!

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