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Old 27-08-21, 09:39 AM
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Bungie's war on cheaters will hit Destiny 2's framerates

BattlEye integration will impact Destiny 2's performance.

Read more about Bungie's war against Destiny 2 cheaters.

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Old 28-08-21, 12:21 AM
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For anyone playing RS6 they will know battleye is absolutely awful and this is not good news for D2.
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Old 28-08-21, 01:06 PM
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Hardly had any issues since the patch on Tuesday in terms of performance.

What I am getting though is the game crashing to desktop if I have MSI Afterburner running.

I have seen people posting they normally get over 100fps and now since the update are getting around 30fps, which I frankly find hard to believe.

One person posted they have a 2080Ti and were previously getting around 120fps in the Tower and now they are getting below 20fps in the same spot.

If I have lost any FPS then I am not noticing it anywhere, because I am still at 1440p basically max settings and getting 140fps and above in the Tower and well, over 200fps in most other areas.

Battleye though is just useless as a Anti-Cheat, you only have to look at other games using it and see the amount of people cheating.
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