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Old 21-04-15, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by FredEx View Post
I see diagonal cutters, but a good pair of flush cutters is a must have. Trim anything you'd cut with diagonals, but flush cutters as named, cut flush. For example, cut a tie wrap and a flush cutter trims it so no sharp edge sticks out. I've used them for decades in component level circuit board repair to trim off excess leads. Note in the pic that the side with the cutting edge is flat and cuts things off flat.

I have allways used one of those too but i use them just for cuting cable ties

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Old 22-04-15, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by cooperman View Post
I have allways used one of those too but i use them just for cuting cable ties
MUCH cheaper way to go than getting a Panduit tie wrap gun which is the best brand in my opinion. Somebody has money to burn, go for it.
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Old 23-04-15, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by paulstung View Post
It was all my fault mate, a full on blonde moment, I have just had it returned with a cover letter saying " We have fully checked the unit, and all we had to do was, use the side power button, to switch it on " I completely forgot about the switch, I only ever use the main switch by the socket, I was that peeved that it wouldn't come on, I boxed it up and sent it off, without even a second thought of a power switch.

It has to be one, if not the biggest up I've ever made.
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Cutting wax I use a lot when drilling holes in cases . small laminate trimmer like the Makita for Perspex does a beautiful job .
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