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Old 22-05-09, 11:45 AM
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What I mean is that a lot of reviewers carry out the tests and reviews but the news of what Phenom II was capable of didn't always spread too well. Perhaps I misunderstood what you meant

As for i7

3D Modeling


Photoshop CS4


Video Encoding with H.264, WMV9 and MPEG2


Video Encoding


3D Rendering


Image Editing and Compression


Image Editing and x.264 encoding


...more encoding


File compression and Encryption


Just a couple of reviews but based on these, I maintain that performance gains from i7 is far higher than the 0.05% that you say. Do note that these aren't synthetic apps so they represent real world performance. I can understand what you mean in the context of games, but that's because when you're playing most (there's a few selective games that are still stupidly CPU intensive) modern games at respectable resolutions, the main limitation is the Graphics Card and this is why Core i7 isn't necessarily worth it for games. Bottom line is, i7 was something special but only really applies to a specific set of people, and they're general power users. For many, the outlay isn't worth it but if you want the best and only the best, this is it

By comparison, AMD Phenom II and Core 2 Duo/Quad represents the value for money part of the market where excellent performance can be had at a good price.

I shan't derail this thread much further. My Apologies

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Old 22-05-09, 12:13 PM
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That's the thing really. Let's come to terms with the 0.05% being a figurative number thrown out versus cost. The figures from the benches above come out more like 15% with no difference between using 2 or 3 channel memory. Massage in the price.

Being outside of the professional arena here, with the majority in this site being more interested in playing Crysis faster on their 24" and wanting the best they can get with perhaps a massive wedge on occasion. The majority of their seek for the "best" or "special" system their money can buy - let's say for any amount of cash they may have.

U advise an i7 and ur not advising them to buy correctly. U may have to advise them as soon enough 775 won't exist.

But at the end of the day, professionally (if ur wanting the bottom line best-that-money-can-get) u'll be doing many of the applications benched above with ur Cuda based card spanks both the i7 and 775. Professional systems with constraints like working with files over networking and not a drive setup on an internal serial drive.

So ur really back to advising lay-people on what system to buy, with anything up to £10k (to throw out a stupidly, slanting to infinite, alarming figure), if 775 is not going away, u would be crazy not to advise them to get it. U advise i7 cos u have to not for anything that they'll gain.

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Old 22-05-09, 12:32 PM
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I certainly see where you're coming from and as I say the value for money doesn't quite work out with i7. People buy i7 when they want the best and want a platform that has life in it. The current X58 boards have already been reported to support the refreshed 32nm CPU's with a microcode update for example. I also think that the cost perspective of i7 is exaggerated. Proven boards like the Gigabyte EX58 UD3R can be had for £150 and 6GB Tri Channel memory kits are available for about £20-25 more than a good 4GB DDR2 set. The Core i7 920 can also be had for similar money to the Q9550. Then factor in that most people who are looking at higher end setups want a good P45 based LGA775 board.

Core i7 920 2.66GHz - ~£220

Gigabyte EX58 UD3R - ~£150

6GB DDR3-1600 - £70

Rough Total - £440

Core 2 Quad Q9550 - £200

Gigabye EP45 or whatever P45 board of choice - £100-125

4GB PC2-8500 - £45

Rough Total - £345-370

Percentage extra spent - Up to 28%

Performance Gains? - It depends

So it's not all that outrageous to opt for i7 over a higher end LGA775 set of equipment. I also appreciate what you say about Pro Workstations and CUDA but not everything is graphics card based yet and until it is, the Core i7 see's the bigger gains.

As I say, for gamers, it isn't that straight forward and much of the time, even a high clocked dual core along with a fast graphics card would suffice.

This really has spun out of control and it started from when I picked up on your 0.05% comment but all I wanted to point out was that i7 genuinely does have it's advantages for some, where the additional cost is more than worthwhile.

Returning to the topic at hand, Phenom II / AM3 is where we're going to see all of the interesting stuff on the value for money and gamers side, at least until Core i5 shows up. We have plenty of Socket AM2+ 790GX boards for under £90 and this is where the value is, but as mentioned on the previous page, it'd be nice to see more DDR3 boards. Particularly below £100, as DDR3 doesn't seem to have that much of an effect on this platform
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Old 22-05-09, 12:36 PM
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It's mad from my pov - I'd like to say, when asked - "YES i7, get it, great gains, new tech, 3x memory - kewl!".

But u HAVE to think about it, which is crazy for something new.

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