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Old 16-12-08, 05:13 AM
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Winter air as cooling

Hey all, I'm about to embark on one of two projects involving the use of outdoor winter air to cool my PC. This is just the rough drafting stage. I hope this solution will prove to:

-be cheap

-be effective at lowering core temps (with stock coolers)

-extend the life of the PSU

No time to do legitamite work on this but I felt like drafting it all out (hopefully this thread isn't too out of place)

Indoor out door terminal: I have an in window mounted A/C unit. A wood panel holds everything in. That makes things pretty convienient for me, just cut the right sized whole, insert a nub of PVC piping and connect the flexible duct work to the front of my PC. The terminal should be fasined securely, sealed, and filtered (or just using a screen might work and harbor less biological).

Isulated plug: One of these for the terminal might be handy in the case that the computer will be off or relocated for an extended period, or for the summer. An extra large ziplock bag filed with the right amount of fiberglass should provide sufficient insulation --stuffed into the PVC terminal. The whole can then be covered with either 15 dollars woth of PVC plug, or simply duct tape.

Duct work: Choices are insulated / uninsulated and diameter, 4" is popular.

-Matalic is cool, but depressing i'm sure after a while

-4"X50' vynl! this looks a little lame, like a laundry room but the price is right for an experiment, and plenty of quantity. It may also prove useful as a PC Air Out duct incase the cooling chills ambiant too much. $14.62

An ebay for insulated, 6" diameter, 25' long for $22 looks perfect for long term use.

The duct work will need to be fasten to the wall somehow... and decorated... let's see, ducting... tubing... plumbing... video games... GREEN! I'll look into safe coloring after completion and before pics.

Fasening the duct to the PC: I think in my case I'm goona just dremle the face of my case a respectable 120 millimeters worthe of Front Chasis Fan Slot and then see where things go from their.

HDDs: These contain disks and should not be exposed to the initial draft... Maybe it would be Ideal to feed cold air from the rear fan slot, or maybe right into the PSU, reversing the fan. It's probably least susceptible to warp damage of all things in there, and should output enough heat to prevent extreme temperatures from being reached anywhere inside the chasis.

Questions to be answered:

Does this make it noticably colder in the room?

Does it lower core and PSU temps?

Does the chasis temp fluctuate much over a 24hour period?


Another cooling system I might try is drilling a pair of holes right out my equipment closet, and hook up a water reservior out there, and cool my system more directly. This would mean dropping something like $50 on blocks for each thing I want to cool (2 now, and a 3rd when I upgrade). That sounds a little too pricy for me but maybe I can build the reservior myself and look for deals on water blocks.

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Old 17-12-08, 07:54 AM
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I've seen a thread somewhere about a guy who lives in Alaska or somewhere similar, where he runs his coolant through a radiator on his outside wall (which is on average at -10c). His computer runs at around 10c iirc. I dont know. Ill have to try and find the thread and i'll slap it up on here. I would bother with air though simply due to condensation...
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