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Old 23-09-08, 10:10 PM
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Using faster RAM for OC'ing purposes


So, I'm building a computer for myself and for my sister and I've got a question. I know I want to overclock the machines and based on past experience it's the RAM that gives out before anything else.

I have a PC with 1066 DDR2 that I'm able to take to 1140 before it won't boot. I realize I can change timings and ratios, but my question is simple: Even though the mobo is rated for 1066 RAM at the highest can I just shove 1200 DDR2 in there?

At regular clock speeds for FSB and CPU the RAM will then be "underclocked," right? And then as I overclock the rest of the computer I will be bringing the speeds to stock (and a lil' beyond) the RAM, eh?

So, instead of having 1066 start at 1066 and cap out at 1140, instead I'd put 1200 in and it'd start at 1066, but would eventually run at something faster that 1140 (which the RAM can handle easily since 1200 is it's rated speed).

My sister's computer supports 667 DDR2 max on her mobo, but that's with a 1066/800 FSB that the mobo manufacturer (Foxconn) says can go to 1333. I'm sure the CPU can handle it, but taking 667 RAM that far seems like it won't happen. I'm thinking about sticking some 800 DDR2 RAM in instead.


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Old 26-09-08, 05:30 AM
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Old 26-09-08, 05:33 AM
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Wow, thank you. That helps a lot. LOL!
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