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Old 08-08-08, 02:01 AM
Marcus Marcus is offline
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Wednesday 6th August

This isn't much of an update, more of a "look at my new pump top" post!

You're looking at a DDC Pro with Xirex Reservoir Top kitted out with a Red Feser O-Ring and Danger Den Fat Boy Barbs.. oooooh yeh!

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Old 08-08-08, 11:11 AM
Acid90 Acid90 is offline
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Looks great, seriously jealous.

Wish I had the money to do something like this.
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Old 08-08-08, 11:36 AM
Hassan Hassan is offline
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I like that logo
A mod changed my signature because it was too big. Tutt-tutt
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Old 09-08-08, 01:57 PM
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I'll love you again if you give me that case though?

What ya say?!?!?!?!?
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