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Old 04-08-04, 09:59 PM
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Water-Cooling gone mad!

Apologies for the lost thread - we've been having some techy issues with the database and host tonight Anyway, here it is again.

Originally posted by Baron Greenback

now that i've finally worked out how to post pictures you'll all be able to see what can happen when water cooling gets out of hand.

I liked the idea behind water cooling but probally like most i was a little unsure about mixing H20 with expensive electronics. So in order to keep the risk to a minium i thought it would be a good idea to seperate as much of the water cooling equipment from the main body of the PC. luckily dazboots had a spare lian-li case and a 1 unit 5" drive bay res. After getting advice from daz the main components were settled on

eheim 1250 pump

danger den rbx amd block

black ice gold plated rad

a double bay 5" res

silentish blue 120mm fan

i placed the pump, both res and the rad/fan in the lian-li case which was then bolted to the under side of my current case, a thermal take xaser 2000. a hole was cut just behind the hard drive rack to allow the pipe work to pass in to the PC case. both cases were bolted together using 10 bolts with spring washers. the rbx block was attached and the system was plumbed in.

now i know everybody has the own choice of water cooling layout, but i went

pump - cpu - doble res - rad - single res - back to pump

the idea been that the full force of the pump was hitting the cpu first and the cooled after.

everything ran fine untill the x800 came along, i had been running a leadtek fx5950 ultra on it's stock hsf. but dazboots ordered 2 x800 pro vivo's (which we all know can be flashed to xt performance), i took one of the cards off him and played round with it, it was running 45 degrees C on idle which i thought was a bit high so i decided to water cool that. then i found the danger den gpu bock with 80 wat pelt which i had to have, i also added the danger den north bridge block to the sytem plan and a tankomatic which would be fit externally, i thought a second radiator was needed to get rid of the extra heat from the gpu so i ordered another black ice gold plated rad. to my horror they sent a gold painted radiator, as daz would probally tell you i went up the wall when i was told that "gold plated" only relates to the finish DER

So i took the rad back in person and expained the differnece between "gold plated" and "gold painted". one is for pickey jewelry and the other is used for painting ford capri's. they didn't have a matching plated rad in stock so i took the chrome plated version instead. It was all plumbed in, in it's current set up and tested for leaks for 24 hours. anybody who can't wait that long should cross their fingers when powering up. one leak was found and quicly sorted out. it's no plumbed like this

pump - nb - single 5" res - cpu - double 5" res - gold plated rad - gpu - chrome plated rad - tankomatic res - back to pump

as result the gpu temp is down to 12 degrees c idle and the cpu temp has only risen to 35 idle and peak 39 degrees C

i haven't had much spare time to see how far i can push the x800 but i've had 12200 in 3d2003 by just playing round with card settings.

I admit it's not the most attractive water cooling rig out there, and i might change to a all lain-li set up when the wife was calmed down. the wiring still needs tidying up when i get all the cable ties and replacement molex connectors.

let me know what you think.

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Old 04-08-04, 10:57 PM
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Very nice,but aren't cable ties a bit risky ? If it were mine,i'd sleep a little better if it had some proper hose clamps on the connections.The wiring could with a little work too,but i do like your windows.
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Old 04-08-04, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by name='Baron Greenback'
i might change to a all lain-li set up when the wife was calmed down.
How ungrateful can they be, eh? you go to all that trouble to make the housework more interesting by building a wonder water system to watch whilst doing the dishes - and what dya get ? a bollockin!

no wunda CustomPC had a story about why arent there any female techies? Carlsberg should do an ad like the lass who loves footie etc ad about a lass who loves PCs (Phil, Packard Bells don't count!)

Where's that blinkin dynasig link when u need it?
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Old 05-08-04, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by name='standin wave'
(Phil, Packard Bells don't count!)sw
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