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Old 29-07-04, 10:24 AM
Dazboots Dazboots is offline
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going to try my 6800 ultra later.

just bought a 6800 ultra.

going to see what she [email protected] standard

the gpu runs @ 425mhz.

25 mhz faster out of the box.

going to fit a pelt to the card later and see how she goes.

will keep u all posted.

was going to use this card for gaming and the x800 xt for benching.

ill have to see after the results.

amd fx60 @ 3150 ghz both cores.

custom watercooling thermochill 120.3 pa.

swiftech storm cpu block.

dangerden 655 pump.

2x x1900 crossfire cards watercooled dangerden maze 4.

16 tweakmonster heat sinks.

2 gig corsair 3500 pro ll memory.

dfi rdx200 motherboard.

mountain mods revision 2 case from usa

with 7 inch tft inside.

xfi soundcard. and i truigue 5.1 speakers.

dell 3007 30 inch tft widescreen.

fps 700 watt psu and tagan 380 watt psu.

10x akasa ultra quiet 120 mm fans amber.
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Old 29-07-04, 11:12 AM
fatty fatty is offline
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Nice one keep us updated I would like to see which is faster ATI or NVIDIA

Keep up the good work
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Old 29-07-04, 11:15 AM
Brwmogazos Brwmogazos is offline
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you seem to have sourced some nice gear lately


the XT will be faster in 3dmark obviously....even though the Ultra is a faster card in gaming...

XT for benching...nvidia for gaming as its faster

^^14-07-2004^^Prescott skt 478 D0 @306FSB 1.632V
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