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Old 27-08-07, 05:27 AM
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Need help!

I have given up my trusty DH mtnbike for a while (reinjured broken back riding) So I am doing a computer to occupy my time as well as I work in graphics.

Heres the layout and I need input to stable settings, Im not a huge OC'r (not at all) but Id like to push a little bit but still need the comp for work.

I work on Photoshop cs2 and flexi sign pro (I do wraps and wide format printing)

I need speed...............ripping, rasterizng, filters and gradients.

mobo: abit IP35 Pro

CPU: core 2 duo e6850

Memeory: 2 1g OZ p800 sticks

drives: 2 160g sata3 maxtors in raid 0


V-card: geforce 7600

1333 fsb

What settings are recomended for this configuration.

In advance to those who help! and thanks.

I dont know what settings to use if I need to adjust from the start and in Bios before the abit guru ie volt settings, extClk settings PCIEClk etc.. I know nothing about these. I

Heres where I am a little concerned, I ran it and it gets all glitchy and slow when loading from a cd, It isnt much faster than my laptop (or so it seems).

It should haul hiney!

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Old 27-08-07, 09:29 AM
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I would leave the voltages at auto, unless you are going to overclock.
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Old 27-08-07, 09:39 AM
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Be sure u have installed the chipset drivers too.

I wouldn`t trust any existing raid0 setup with my OS, work, and stuff. I`d only use it for something I`d care less about losing, like perhaps games.

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Old 27-08-07, 11:58 AM
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Read this

Take it slowly.

I imagine you will get 3.6ghz on stock voltage. 1.45v is a safe 24/7 voltage.

You need to download the Prime95 version 25.3 - run this for 4+ hours once you think you have found your sweet spot. If it fails during testing you need to lower you OC or raise your voltage...
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