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Old 18-05-07, 03:49 AM
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Mozilla May Drop Firefox Support for Aging Linux Distros

"We have been building binaries that work across a large range of runtimes and with a fairly aggressive backwards compatibility story," said Conner in a blog entry. "[But] this has resulted in a lot of workarounds and ugly hacks to keep going." After discussions with representatives from Red Hat Inc., the largest Linux distributor, and Canonical Ltd., which distributes the popular Ubuntu Linux, Conner said Mozilla has come up with new runtime support guidelines for Firefox 3.0.
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Old 18-05-07, 04:28 AM
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Some people may be dissapointed, but really why would you stay using an old version of a Linux Distro? I hope this will allow them to make faster releases that are also more conservative with resources. (Wishful thinking I know.)

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Old 18-05-07, 08:06 AM
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I think this is a good idea. Stop the total backwards compatibility but up the pace on new systems
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