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Old 15-05-07, 09:20 AM
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Great match report Timmy and what a good game to play in!

We did lack preparation at the start, so some of my calls weren't as sharp as I would have liked. However, we managed to "scrap it out" as T and punch enough rounds through in order to maintain some form of challenge as CT.

The first three rounds were really close and I'm pretty sure they all finished with 1v1's with us just losing out each time. On another day it could have been quite different. However credit to SCK who really did defend well as CT and left us scratching our heads slightly as to what to do.

After finding their weaker spot (kitty), we had to go for broke and just attack it, with me trying to draw attention from mid. It worked more often than not meaning that we picked up 5 vital T rounds on a very CT bias map.

As CT we knew that a solid start was absolutely necessary and we did just that. Tang played out of his skin in backing up A site from B and the kitty was pretty much locked down most of the time.

When they attacked B, it was generally through the tunnels, so I spammed the door a few times with good back up from the rest of the team.

Their major downfall was that they didn't walk anyway. I could hear them everytime they were in the tunnels and they weren't subtle enough when creeping about. As a result we managed to get the calls in earlier and back up was provided very quickly to nulify any attack from them.

They did of course break through 3 times using brute force, something of which they should have done more of tbh as they could have taken more rounds this way.

All in all a great game, closer than I thought it would be and a solid defensive CT performance really did make the difference for us. Our offensive tactics is definitely something that I'm going to work on with the team as we're capable of doing a lot more damage than we do.

Well played lads and good game SCK

**Second place is the first loser**
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Old 15-05-07, 05:08 PM
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gg ladies i really enjoyed the match . lets finish strong and top the group. kudos to Ins with some sweet calling <3
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Old 15-05-07, 06:06 PM
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Yeah it was a really great game Nice match report timmy and awesome calling from Insy
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Old 15-05-07, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by name='jiffz'

Who needs Dave, Llwyd and Jiffz

EDIT: And Oxo SORT YA NET! It always goes down at the start of matches!
scuse me girl pants but i think was the first time its happend lol
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Old 15-05-07, 08:15 PM
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It happened the other day when I was organising a match. Don't live in denial with your shoddy BT connection

IDNET ftw 'girlypants'
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Old 15-05-07, 09:58 PM
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Rofl @ BT < IDNet tbh!
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