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Old 04-12-10, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by SnW View Post

Yea lets keep the distance between us , as it is now

i can't even look outside as my window is one white monster

Going to let the MX518 dry out for a few days.. might come back to life again...
Could upgrade to a Logitech G500.. it's great! Too bad it wasn't arround when I got my G9

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Old 04-12-10, 01:18 PM
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Any way .. out street looks like thins after last night ...

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Old 05-12-10, 02:01 PM
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It's not fair reading all these posts about everyone getting properly snowed in. Here in Swansea, we only had a couple of hours of light/medium snowfall on the 26/11/10. We had to travel that day so checked the road news and all the towns we were going past had bad news (crashes, closures + congestion). So we decided to go for it, expecting the worst and took wellies and a shovel with us. We couldn't belive how little there was - just a bit of slush in the middle between the tyres!! Also, there was no-one else on the roads as they must have been inside fearing for their lives

Anyway, that was all the snow we've seen and probably will see from now on
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Old 05-12-10, 02:05 PM
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And now its + 4 here in Holland so bey snow

Shame it cost a bit of my ([email protected]) clock speed tho
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