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Old 11-11-10, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by mayhem View Post

dont get me started on folding at home. not all of us live in our parents house and dont have the pay the electrical bills.
Ask steve about his electric bill, or mine for that matter . Like said above, if you want to stress your GPU (or CPU) there is no better tool than [email protected] If there is any instability whatsoever [email protected] will not make it through a WU. I've been benchmark stable plenty of times, but not [email protected] stable. It's a hell of a lot better than Furmark for testing. If you think it's all about us getting the points, then don't fill in a team number when you do your testing. We aren't trying to con you into joining the team, just giving you an excellent suggestion on how to really test your GPU.

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Old 11-11-10, 01:58 PM
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But obv. it would be epic if you did support the team dude. Sure you can claim leccy as a tax subsidy as a part of the business
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Old 11-11-10, 02:11 PM
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Prime95 and furmark reasons been both can be downloaded as a .zip and ran without the need to install which iirc fah can't do but i might be wrong been a while.
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Old 11-11-10, 02:30 PM
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i dont think leccy gets taxed any more.

Just after heating up a none connected (tin ternet connected that is) system using stand stress test tools [email protected] is no good as it requires the net.
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Old 18-11-10, 02:05 PM
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I've stopped using Prime. Considering it was the only bloody bench I ran that actually crashed the PC I think it was a bit stupid.

It does with your CPU stuff that your CPU will never ever do. Same as Furmark. It's completely un ness if you ask me.

I now use LinX for the CPU (seeing as it also puts your CPU under full load but not a completely BS full load nor makes the CPU reach the temps Prime does) and Furmark and Fluidmark to test a GPU (Fluid for Physx as Furmark doesn't use it).


I also don't think it's overly wise to leave either Prime nor Furmark running overnight. As I said, they place absolutely stupid levels of stress on your hardware that you will absolutely never see at any other time. Sure, passing both means your machine is stable however after a 4 hour Crysis session, three vantages in a row (just to get an average score) 5 mafia 2 benches in a row with very high Physx, a nine hour Fallout New Vegas session, Unpacking 9gb rar files and god knows what else I can't -

1. Get the machine to crash.

2. Get the CPU temp over 47c max load doing 50 passes in LinX (20 is the max recommended to make sure you're stable)

3. Seen my GPU go over 71c @ 80% fan.

So aye. To me Prime and Furmark are bloody stupid. And, Furmark doesn't hardly touch the ram or RAMDAC on your card so is no way to prove stability either.
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Old 18-11-10, 02:52 PM
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Intel burn test always gets my CPU about 10C hotter than prime. I prefer Burn test (or any other linpack program) as it puts much more stress on the CPU than prime and stresses more RAM, and is much faster.

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Old 18-11-10, 05:54 PM
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LinX for CPU cause it is faster at getting errors.

And GPU Tool for you might already guessed it GPU.

There are no better tools. Not because I want to convince you to do it the way I do it, but because in my testing they both turned out to be the best.
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