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I think this is great

Originally Posted by Bridges View Post
Still a boring cringe-worthy excuse for a game.
I still play this. It still looks great and plays fantastic. Even on my 42"TV with 3D glasses using my NVidia GTX which can be utilized in 3D glasses mode.

In fact this game is a lot more fun than some o/t later games. Obviously it's "just" an arcade racer and not a simulation like project cars which is way too difficult without a steering weel and pedals. While this is great fun with keyboard and/or joypad

I'm looking forward to this reboot of a classic.
And yes, it's unfortunate that Studio's run out of ideas. But what more innovation can you put in arcade racers besides better graphics and sound if the controls are already good (or good enough)? What more plot lines can you use besides running from the cops or hunting down racers, racers hunting other racers, demolition trakcs, stunt tracks...

What did you expect?
Or should I say: What do you want?
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