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Wth? FastSync? Damn, that's not something I would ever expect.

The fact that reinstalling windows didn't do anything would have puzzled me too.

I've been saying this for a while but Nvidia drivers are kinda crap now and have been for a while. ALWAYS something. People give AMD crap, which makes no sense because nobody uses them and their 7 year old notions on AMD are wrong, but at least AMD doesn't have these massive issues(though they have had some persisting issues for a few years now in specific cases so there is that).

I update my nvidia drivers WHEN I need to support a new game I want to play, if it's not stable then I find a stable one I know works, and then just leave it alone. I went 7 months without updating my drivers, even played a game that technically wasn't supported, still worked fine. That is what I would suggest for everyone else too.
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