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Actually a PCIe3 x4 link should only have a 1-2 fps drop almost all the time for a GTX1080:

The problem with TB3 for GPUs isn't really the bandwidth limit, much more the latency & overhead induced by the controller, I built myself an external GPU dock by soldering some USB3.1 spec wires to an expresscard adapter & a PCIe x1 riser with my HD7870XT(Also tried with a GTX780Ti & RX460), it's a direct PCIe2 x1 link at essentially full performance (Has no extra overhead because it just exposes the raw PCIe link).

Chances are a move to TB4 using PCIe4 links for around double the bandwidth wouldn't have much impact on gaming performance with most current cards, that is unless they change the encoding scheme & improve the controllers (Or now other people can make controllers maybe someone else can) to reduce the latency.
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