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Originally Posted by WYP View Post
It makes a lot of sense for Intel to do this. Now Thunderbolt will be everywhere and Intel is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the technology early on. They already have CPU silicon in the works that will integrate Thunderbolt, so it is going to be super easy for Intel to take advantage of USB 4.0 early on.

The spec releases in Summer 2019, so devices won't ship until way after that. Earliest we will see this is with Ice Lake in 2020, assuming Ice Lake is on track.
It also makes it cheaper as well which will be a good thing. It may also mean intel and USB-IF have the potential to work together to further improve upon it. I hope it means we get a Thunderbolt4/USB5 sooner for double the bandwidth. I would really like to get a ultrabook/external GPU box setup going, like a XPS13 and put my 1080 into a box. Just not worth it under Thunderbolt 3 speeds not providing enough bandwidth even on a x4 connection.
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