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I was thinking about this last night. Intel should be extremely worried about their future Xeon line up.
Companies like HP,Dell ect that are in the pre-built server market and stackable server businesses will be looking very closely at the next TR processors. if you are buying 1000's of CPU's, each with more potential performance than intel, more cores, and in general much higher ceilings in most aspects, and cost less (significantly in some cases) why on earth would you stay on the intel platform exclusively? in fact other than some minor software work arounds why would you stay with intel at all?
This is yet to be seen but these companies are all looking at numbers on spreadsheets. How much do they cost, how much is it going to cost to move to the platform and how much more profit can we expect and don't give a monkeys about anything else. Although still speculation, the view is that this will most likely be going on in board rooms as we speak or as soon as these OE's have access to the data sheets/ engineering samples.
an Intel W-3175X 28 cores on OC's for £2789
a TR 2990x is over £1000 cheaper and this gap will only widen on 7nm TR.
Intel may well have been caught properly with their pants down but we will have to see
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