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Weird screen issue

Hey guys,

So for some time now I've experienced a rather odd behaviour happening to my system. Now, at first I thought it was the monitor itself, but as it has happened more and I started finding (what appears to be temporary solutions to the problem), is that it's the GPU itself.

What happens is that I at random times, the monitor flickers to black, back and forth. And when it does this, sometimes the actual screen in Windows gets moved to the side a bit, creating a small bar on the far left side and also sort of "cutting" the image in the center.

I've attached an photo that I took of this issue, where you can see the small vertical bar on the far left.

The, what has later occured to be just a temporary fix, is that I sometimes juggle my monitor a bit, which will make it flicker again and it bounces back to normal. Or I have to open Nvidia Control Panel and switch from 144Hz to 120Hz, and then back to 144Hz. This fixes it as well.

I also later on thought maybe it was an outdated driver that caused this and that a newer released one may had a fix for this... So I downloaded the latest, when I had done a new reinstall a week ago or so, when got my new 3700X and the issue still persists.

So now I'm out of ideas here etc and now turning to you guys, if you may have experienced this or similar, and perhaps knows what the issue is...
Is my GPU perhaps going?...

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