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Originally Posted by Daiyus View Post
Huh, maybe I'll pick this up eventually now, rather than being the complete no-buy it has been since release.
IF, big IF, they have finally fixed the utterly broken "respec" system (not a respec system like any other game, google it and you'll see what I mean). If the respec system is fixed then it's worth while if you have a few friends to play with.

So if you do decide to grab the game, please be very careful with the points that you pick, as you can't change them easily once they are picked (yes it matters lol). I'll probably check the game out today when I get off work and see if respeccing is finally like all other MMO style games.

Of course the devs could just do the right thing and make it where you are able to play with your friends alone in your own world without other random players that would be even better. The problem with other players is if someone is lvl say 100 that one player in particular will scale all the enemies up to like 68-70 due to them being in that zone (4 total zones).

Let me just say that the two above issues make the game extremely unenjoyable at times, especially when you are trying to do a mission and the enemies are 30-40 levels higher than you. Yes they are killable, but its a bit harder by yourself and not nearly as easy as if they were your level.

The game IS fun, when the above issues dont make you wanna uninstall it lol.
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