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He will never win against the console tech ever.

If two consoles both use a method of ray tracing he will never be able to make them ignore that and code for his GPUs.

He's lost and he knows it, hence this statement. It arrives what? One day after we see how nicely Unreal Engine runs RT on non RT hardware and, IMO, is an advert for what we will be seeing on the next gen consoles should devs choose to use Unreal Engine.

Which they probably will IMO, and he knows that too.

Nobody is going to choose one platform over two. Especially not when RTX stuff will only run well on Nvidia GPUs, yet won't run properly at all on consoles. Yet they can choose Unreal engine and it will run on every platform.

He was never going to monopolize ray tracing, yet that's what the deluded fool actually thinks he can do.

And as always his grandeur is hilarious. To everyone but an idiot.

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