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There are approximately 50 million YouTube channels producing content. That means the 1% earning over $1,000 a year is about 500,000 channels... and 49.5 MILLION of the channels that produce content for YouTube earn less than that.

Now personally, I watch a lot of channels that have modest subscriber amounts (less than 100k, usually only a few hundred individuals). They still produce fantastic content but aren't getting rewarded for it because the big channels, sponsored channels and YouTube favourites dominate.

The early days of YouTube enabled creators to share their work and get noticed, but now it's incredibly hard to be seen, heard or found on YouTube.

I think it would be disrespectful to suggest that the majority of those 49.5 million channels aren't dedicated, creative or important - the ones I enjoy are very much so, and put a huge amount of effort into what they produce, without having the benefit of time, funding, privilege etc.

I think YouTube is still fixated on the biggest players and the biggest effects on itself, rather than the original thing that made it successful. As with many businesses, the essential work of the lowest ranks is invisible to the upper tiers who benefit from it.
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