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Originally Posted by Dark NighT View Post
I actually don't mind this at all to be honest, kinda have to prove your time and dedication towards your goals as a youtuber, which also means there be more ad revenue overall for people that work at it. youtube is insanely competitive and cutting out the trash is a good thing.
I think the main issue people have with this change, I know this is my problem with it, is that they claim this change is to help "better protect creators," but guess who is hurt by these changes? If you guessed small channels you are correct.

Now what size channels are typically the ones that cause an "adpocalypse?" Oh that's right it is the larger channels with a couple million subs that tend to upload something that causes companies to pull their ads from YouTube, hurting everyone in the process, until YouTube does something, which so far tends to be something that hurts small channels.
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