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What Advantages Does Great Voltage Regulation Have?

Hello everyone,

For the past few years I have spent dozens of hours scouring the web for PSU reviews (mostly just out of curiosity), and while I'm more or less clear (I think) about why you need low ripple and good transient responses, I have not found much useful information on voltage regulation.

To clarify a bit: I am not so much interested in out-of-spec behavior. Naturally, in those cases things go bad rather quickly, from instability, refusal to start to actual component damage.

What I'm interested in much more is the difference in practice between somewhat below average (but still completely in spec) and phenomenal voltage regulation. What advantage(s) does great voltage regulation actually give you as opposed to just something halfway decent?

Since all thorough PSU reviews I've read place a rather high importance on this (meaning great and not just in-spec voltage regulation), I presume it has to be quite important.
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