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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Double everything about the 5700xt. It will very much be power-hungry and hot. It doesn't sell well.

The only time people stop caring about performance is if AMD draws more power and runs hotter. It's a convenient excuse to stay Nvidia.

I do doubt the expectations this rumour gives though. Take into account Ray Tracing and there's not much room left and that means it's dense as f* which means hot. Which means lower clocks... etc etc.
We don't know for sure, but it's likely that RDNA2 will offer higher IPC. And the 7nm+ process will likely improve efficiency further. So while you could be as right, I think the next Navi cards will offer either double the performance at less than double the TDP, or will offer more than double the performance at double the TDP. While I could eat my words, as AMD have disappointed greatly in the past, it stands to reason that if the next Navi cards are based on a new architecture (obviously not a 'from the ground up' redesign), they could bring greater performance per watt over current Navi. Which means either AMD could go all out and give us a 300W behemoth that easily beats the 2080Ti (and would match the 3080 at a higher TDP but lower price), or a 250-275W sweet spot card that just beats the 2080Ti at the same TDP and at a much lower price.

Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
Think we had similar discussion in a different thread. Its still a feature, which makes it marketable, but its use is very limited now given its adoption.

I wish AMD had simply come out and said "we don't think RT is mature enough to use yet, so for now we will focus on raw performance"

But saying that, perhaps if RT is brought to market by AMD, we will see more developers adopt it, thus making games more immersive. Next gen as you say.
I thought they did.

"I think ray tracing is an important technology, it's something we're working on as well from both a hardware and software standpoint. I think the important thing though -- and that's why we talk so much about the development community -- is that technology for technology's sake is okay, but technology done together with partners and really getting the development community fully engaged is really important." - Lisa Su

“Utilization of ray tracing games will not proceed unless we can offer ray tracing in all product ranges from low end to high end,” - David Wang
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