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Originally Posted by Bozzy View Post

Just got it back from Chilled PC

Clear Window mod for my C70.. finish is really really good and all in all for £18 including the delivery back. (Plus £8 delivery there)

Cheers Tom.
Looks good. I modded mine using 1/8 inch safety glass. It is working great, I have not had to clean it, dust and dirt does not stick to it.

I may get a second front bezel from a friend. He just got a Green C70 and the front bezel on his has a damaged retaining clip, looks like a bad spot weld he said it is loose, I have not seen it yet. It won't clip in tight. He said he could epoxy it, but he is contacting Corsair. If he gets a new one and they don't want the damaged one he is going to give it to me. I wanted to mod mine with push click or magnetic retainers (probably magnetic) so it can be popped off without removing a side cover to reach in to flex the clips to pop it off. It would make it easier to do a good cleaning of the filter rather than getting out my shop vac to do it. It does not do a perfect job doing a shop vac through the metal grid in front of the filter and I have to get to the filter to wash it once in a while and not taking off a side cover to do it would be great.
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