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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
I just did something, something I've only done ONCE before, something I've attempted MANY times, in decades of PC building. Last time I did this, it did NOT end well. I just bought a motherboard, and it WASN'T Asus (*gasp*):

EVERY time I try a non-Asus board, I get burned. EVERY time. Please nerd gods, hear my prayers! I wanted the Crosshair 8, I really did! But they didn't have it in stock! And there's this thing called "patience" that I don't have when I get new toy urges! Please don't hurt me! Or if you do hurt me, hurt me within the next 30 days, so I can exchange this thing for a CH8! Amen!
Why is it that everyone goes 3900X over 3700X?... I thought (along many others) that the 3700X would be the most popular and therefore would be more 3700X builds out there, now it looks more like 3900X builds is coming?
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