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OK. It is time to combobulate the discombobulated.

Right now it is just a rig. Which I was happy with. However, I kinda like it. Enough that I want to turn it into a fully blown mod.

For about ten years now I have had this mod in my head. It was going to be a fully scratch build. Using all sorts of weird stuff that came from song lyrics, that I visualised in my head and cooked up into this mod that would need about 20 grand's worth of machinery to pull off. Hey, we can all dream right?

Now I wasn't going to visually mod this build at all. I was going to mod what needed modding (and have) to make it work from a mechanical P.O.V.

TBH? I had all buy forgotten about my dreams to do the mod I mentioned. Mostly because of said needed tools and machinery and most of all money.

Then last night I was browsing Ebay. IDK why, but the Pandemic ep of South Park had got me watching it again so I returned to one of my fave eps ever (Scott Tenorman Must Die) and was rolling around. So I started having a poke around on Ebay to see what my old collection of South Park dolls would have been worth had I not had to get rid of them when I moved back to the UK. I had about 50, and this enormous collection had to be sold in three removal boxes in 2008.

And then I stumbled across these.

They are a promotional item (stickers) from that episode back in 2001. They were released in the USA only, and were to promote the episode Radiohead were in (mentioned above) as they starred in it. Cartman told them there is a boy with cancer in his ass, and Radiohead showed up to see him. Only it was a trap, and they laughed at Scott Tenorman much to Cartman's delight. It's a pretty dark, sick episode but if you have a dark sense of humour it's one of the best.

So my idea for a mod was basically <a> fake plastic trees. It is the first song on the EP on CD. This also happens to be my favourite song ever. It's an absolute masterpiece of misery, yet reality. I never knew what it was about (I just knew it meant the world was basically fake crap) but then when I watched Radiohead live at Astoria I noted that before singing the song Thom Yorke says "This is a song about Canary Wharf". And then it all made sense. Thom was visiting Canary Wharf when he penned the song, and the place just made him miserable because everything around him was fake. Fake plants, fake watering cans etc.

So I started ordering things for the mod. Firstly this, which is a parking token from Canary Wharf.

And then a green plastic watering can.

For a fake Chinese rubber plant.

And the fake plastic earth.

Then the ideas began to flow. So I ordered some fake plastic grass.

And fake plastic decking.

For a while I have been watching guys on Youtube create these Dioramas and fancied a go at that myself. So the PSU shroud will be a diorama of Canary Wharf.

I have drawn up a sign for the side of the PSU shroud.

As well as lots of other references to the song. I won't show that stuff yet.

But yeah, expect this to get very strange.

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