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Hey hey i have had this procedure done and as long as the doctor preforming it is not in some back ally there is nothing to worry about .
These places do 10-15 if not more a day, it will change your life

Its been over 20 years and i can say had no problems at all , the procedure is painless and you will be in and out before you even know it .

now my experience was not as good as others but it was all my fault , the day after i had it done i rubbed my eyes without even thinking about it (was on motorbike) dislodging the protective contact lens they put till the effected area heals , doing that exposed my cuts to my eyelids , was like having grains of sand in my eyes and they couldn't put back any lenses so i had to wait it out a couple days till they healed , but the other girl i went with that done them the same day was up and about doing house work and going about her business like nothing happened.As did the others that had it done .

get some good sun glasses to protect eyes and by good i dont mean 200 squids fancy pansy ones just decent UV protective darkish ones ,best if you dont do it not bang in the middle of summer cos of how bright the sun is all day and dont know where you live but going to the beach ect, will have to put that on hold for a couple weeks-- only just to make sure

nearly forgot i did laser one , remember that was yonkers ago and it worked great. Now i dont know what kind of different procedure they do but they must of improved immensely tho i dont know how cos mine is great still

I say go for it , there's more danger of people getting their wisdom teeth pulled than this
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