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If anyone is adventurous and interested in testing a beta BIOS, Elmor from Asus just released one minutes ago. You can find the OCN post here:


As per Elmor:

Got a BIOS for you guys to test. C6H BIOS 9920 SHA256 968558A4710C8F8BE67FED3B6ABDF35F29A1C6FDFDC157F648 95CA0E264826EE

* Improved DRAM cold boot, results in slightly longer POST time
* Fix for CPU Ratio stuck at 22x on some CPUs when using Vcore override/offset
* SenseMi Skew is now Disabled by default. If you want to return to previous behavior set SenseMi Skew = Enabled and Offset = 272.
* Added DRAM profiles for Samsung B-based DIMMs with tuned subtimings, including The Stilt's settings
* Maybe a few other extras, you tell me
FYI gents. I'll be flashing this one ASAP as soon as I get home!
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