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Thread: Frame rate dips
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Frame rate dips

Have a 8086k and a 1070 and 12gb of ram, and have noticed i get decent frame rates but i get a lot of sudden frame rate dips in most games

Like for example i could be playing Warframe or Monster Hunter world and happily 60fps then for about a second or two it would then drop to sub 40 and sometimes lower and i might get the odd freeze for another second and the back up to 60.

Possiblities i was thinking was . perhaps a monitor issue monitor is a dell ips panel 60hz though i will try a 144hz monitor ram is not quite enough or it may be the Hardrives most games i run off a standard sata HDD and i have about 4 of them installed (ssd being my small boot drive )

Any advise appreciated cheers
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