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Originally Posted by Dark NighT View Post
You don't need to connect the 4pin for standard use or some overclocking, the only time you would need that is if you where to go deep subzero overclocking, way past -150c.

Just put in the 8 pin and that will suffice.
Originally Posted by trawetSluaP View Post
That's my understanding also but if you have a spare cable you might as well connect it - I always do.
Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
To be fair the manual should have that answer. You probably didn't see it. As for the common sense part, every board has an 8 and it's fine. Which should make you guess an extra 4 isn't needed. Even if you didn't realize that you wouldn't hurt anything by trying to boot without it. The system wouldn't boot if it needed it and you'd get an error telling you as such.
Thanks everyone for your replies, much appreciated!

To answer you NBD, what I can find in the manual regarding the EPS connectors are the following:

• DO NOT connect the 4-pin power plug only, the motherboard may overheat under heavy usage.
• Ensure to connect the 8-pin power plug, or connect both the 8-pin and 4-pin power plugs.
And to my understanding, that doesn’t specifically answers my question really... Just says in general.

The reason I ask is I’m about to order custom cables and wondering if I should/need to add that extra 4 pin or not.

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