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Another little update with loads of pics. I am dumping the EK Coolstream XE 240, just don't have any trust in it anymore.

Removed from case, went straight to where I thought the leak might be and its as dry as a bone.

There is definitely a leak as shown when I started to take the fans off

My next thought was that maybe I had screwed into the rad itself attaching the fans? Nada, each was clear.

There is another blanking plate in place and on removing it, a suspiciously squashed O-ring presented itself

Put it back and gave it the sink test with a bit of Dual DDC pressure to wake it up and sure enough

Sooo what to do..
Luckily another trip to the attic and root around found me this

A fat Mayhems 240 rad and onwards we go. Might get some more time later to have a go and will post up.
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