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@WYP & @tinytomlogan Thanks a million for stopping by and giving some encouragement. And I need it because it pee'd on the floor last night...

PC Mayhems Ultra pee

Once everyone had gone to bed I had the kitchen back to myself so shifted everything back down (I had to put everything away out of sight - the little one is 2 3/4s and into everything) and was banging my head against the wall as to where to mount the pump with the Aquacomputer mount which is the weirdest thing going.

So at about 2am I had this after starting at 11 (I'm slow I know but its so relaxing pottering about putting a bit here and changing your mind and shifting it about) - Oh and the 140 fan is loose because I need to fill the res.

So pump into 240 to 360 to CPU to GPU back to RES / Pump

I had begun to fill it but it was about 2:30 when I heard the "what the hell are you doing?, do you know what time it is?" from the Mrs so I packed up

Couple of things to note, while pondering pump fitment I stole the hot swap bay from my Lian-Li and once I find the screws to mount the drives it will be staying so that is an addition. The EK Coolstream XE rad is a good little job but it does have a flaw and that flaw is the recessed G1/4 holes so either use proprietary EK fittings (I presume) or you're into that land of extenders. I suspect that is where my issue is. I am using a Alphacool 90 deg fitting without an extender and probably have not secured the seal properly on the drain pipe as mentioned yesterday.
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