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Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
Its only surgical if its a lower dental. As the nerves pass over the jawbone responsible for the muscles in your face it is specialist work. Often the lower teeth are fused to the jawbone. For upper molars, a dentist can extract at their own discretion.

So chances are if its lower molar, that is why you need a referral. Also a dentist will always try to save the tooth unless it will cause complications later on. a split molar is usually salvageable.

And don't just get your tooth pulled for the sake of a little grief. You will regret it later. Unless you are happy wearing dentures before you hit 60 yrs old. I have always looked after mine. Only wisdom teeth have been removed for me and I don't have any fillings or cavities. I always use corsodyl as a mouth wash after brushing. Disgusting but useful.
No mate it doesn't work like that. There are no nerves for your face passing over the jawbone. Trust me i was teaching anatomy for 3 years at faculty of medicine. Facial nerve goes through your cheek, well away from the teeth, and jawbone. Lower teeth are easier for pulling out because the top ones are in close proximity to maxillary sinus, and extraction could result in opening communication between maxillary sinus and oral cavity. If that happens you need maxillofacial surgeon to repair the opening.

Because there is an infection, and swelling the procedure will be more complicated that if it was just tooth extraction, and that is why she probably asked for doctor exam.

On first picture you can see the nerves for teeth going through bone.

On second picture you see facial nerve going over the muscles and underneath the skin.

On third picture you can see how close are teeth's roots to maxillary sinus.

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