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Originally Posted by SuB View Post
Unfortunately with the age of adblockers being such as they are, there's an AWFUL lot of anti-ad-blocker stuff on webpages these days, there's some seriously javascript heavy pages. I almost miss flash at this point.. (almost). To the point where the blocker detects Ads on main page, and blocks them, but the page will purposefully detect that and re-run some other code, but then the adblockers pick that up, so then the page will try a third wave of ad blocker blocking.. it's really turned a lot of the heavier ad-serving sites into a sh!t-show if you ask me. It's a weird form of escalation.

If you scroll far enough down Facebook, because of their lazy-loading technique it slows the page to a god damn crawl. It's so badly coded. A lot of sites are using this whole 'don't load below the fold' technique, not sure if it's for click tracking or what but putting content behind tap bars and stuff is nasty.

Then of course most sites are built to have desktop ads on desktop, and mobile ads on mobile which all serve to add to the javascript nightmare.. There are some really poorly setup and implemented sites

I'm trying to keep this place as light on the ad-block gotcha stuff as possible, but will need to start coming up with polite "could you turn that ad-blocker off plz" stuff in the not-too-distant future. I know Tom is very anti-subscription/pay to view/donations etc which is kind of a shame, I'd love to offer a tiered service of 'pay x and skip all ad content period' or something.. dunno. I'm not really sure what the larger audience's opinion of that really is.
I have only ever one problem with the adds on OC3D and that is I sometimes click on the side ads by accident. But it's not a big deal; I just close the page. I know it's a legitimate site and won't give me malware and I know it's even relatable to my passions. I do not use adblocker for OC3D. I use adblocker for other sites and I won't shy away from that. The day I turn off adblocker for all sites is the day they all do what OC3D is doing. If I'm on YouTube and I'm watching a video demo for a guitar effects pedal, I want a trailer for a new guitar brand, not orange club soda. If I'm watching a video on how to change a flat tire, I want an advert on car stereo systems, not AIB banking. If I'm visiting a site that sells hair pomades, I want to see adverts for other men's salon products. I don't want to see tampon adverts or adverts promoting politics.

Has anyone seen Minority Report? As scary as it would be, imagine adverts were actually tailored to your specific experiences and personal life? Imagine driving into town and a billboard shows an image of a new a GTX 1080 or AMD Ryzen CPU and not a new crappy looking £20k BMW you would never buy even if you won the lottery?
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