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Originally Posted by mazty View Post
That's not too different to any middle sized project where you have to bring in numerous different components, and is still fairly small compared to large ones e.g. any government project, or large business undertaking.

In light of what you say, with so many different departments, having a competent Project Management structure should be seen as an absolute necessity, otherwise communication across the entire business is going to be abysmal. Also iteration is a normal process (iterative development), so shouldn't be seen as a problem - in fact techniques such as rapid prototyping are based on being highly iterative.

Something having to be fun and enjoyable isn't all too unique. Anything customer facing should go through a rigorous UX cycle, and for games I actually think that UX cycle is pretty poor considering some of the decisions game companies make e.g. in GTA V, the map is a nightmare to read, the phone contact list is a mess, and having the phone and a context menu is ridiculous. It's hard to imagine R*have any sort of decent UX team if the above is what they decided was okay to give to the customer.
I agree that the structure needs to be there - and it is. I'm not saying that. Iterative development isn't a problem, again this isn't what I meant. A lot of development in games is R&D, unsolved problems, unknown timeframes, this can be tricky and something SC has fallen to quite badly.

I think you'd be surprised how much time goes into UX of games. Remember that games are aimed at basically everyone and it needs to be self-explanatory with very little guidance, but also fast because it's real-time.
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