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Originally Posted by SuB View Post
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

^^-- You are here
Denial about what?
As the articles have shown, nothings afoot....so what am in denial about?
Plus as I and other have mentioned, its ran like most other large companies. Would you disagree and say you know of tech workplaces like that which are ran better?

Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
No they shouldn't. It's not consumers job to be happy with delays, delays in this case being multiple features over a very long time. The fact is as I have said multiple times to you, they have delayed everything and added all the promised work from stretch goals while NONE of it has even been delivered. You still can't even fly all the ships yet. Yet they introduce more and more to be purchased just to sit there in the hangar collecting dust(artificially of course). 4 years of development and only few months ago they released a module for people to play.
Sure your "expertise" counts for something in many fields, no one is arguing that. However it doesn't override the facts nor 100% apply to this particular case. You can say whatever you want about your experience and what your knowledge about it lets you. However again it doesn't change what has happened over 4 years and the fact that 2 different actual Game Developers here on this forum have said regular Software Devlopment and Game Development are very different, which I would agree with as a person studying in this field. There experience in the field and who have shipped released games, mean more than yours. No hard feelings here and nothing aimed at you. Just putting the facts out there.

I'll stop posting here though, i'm just repeating myself now sooo i'd rather not spam the thread
Yet you go through the forums and 99% of every is happy with delays because;
a) we're getting so much more then when the idea was put forward
b) the quality is astonishing.
c) they're fixing all the bugs...rather than launching a buggy mess

Why would anyone not want a-c?

Plus with flying "all the ships"? They have constantly added in since development and the latest coming out only a few weeks ago. I would, and pretty much every other backer would rather have dozens of ships then a game with just a handful.

A lot of the SC bashing is from folks who have not much idea of the project and what has happened since it started, nor appreciate the CONSTANT (yup, caps lock for that bit) communication with the backers.
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