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Originally Posted by SuB View Post
Well while I respect that, unfortunately as CIG are constantly proving, believing something doesn't necessarily just magic it into life or make it true. Game dev and game dev management are *very* different to even just regular software dev, without having experience in both I'm just not sure you really know what you're talking about.

And please don't take that as me trying to dismiss you, but from the stuff I've read in here, and my own actual experience, plainly dismissing all of the stuff in the articles and thinking it's just regular project management issues and problems is, in this particular case, incorrect.
Fair enough, but should game dev and game dev management be different to regular software development? It may currently be different, but is that due to bad practices? From what I can see, there's no reason that game development has to be different - you have a product that can be broken down into smaller workloads and from that create a minimum viable product. This is a good approach for modern IT developer to take and I can't see a good reason why game devs shouldn't do the same thing.

Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Doesn't change anything. They haven't met a single deadline. It's been what 4 years now? It's entirely understandable for people to be upset.
It's been 4 years since the start of development, and stretch goals continued until the end of 2014. If people are upset, they really should have done better at managing their expectations.
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