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Thanks for the reply. I hadn't really thought about how the monitor could affect daily tasks, but now that I think about it that's definitely also a big bonus.

That does sound like a pretty nice plan. Seeing as I can even just about ultra W3 with my 680's they certainly have a bit of life in them still, and pairing a good 980 Ti with a sweet monitor is all the better.

If I have my finances right, I'd be able to afford a 980 Ti with not much trouble in about 4 months. I don't mind dropping some more money down a few months down the line, but your suggestion does work really well for a good friend of mine so I'll be sure to tell him about that combo. He's got a nice AMD themed rig, so he's been waiting for the 390X for some time (especially now with the leaked pics).

Having a monitor that actually looks nice for a change is going to be great
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