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Monitor or Graphics Card?

I'm extremely torn at the moment. So I've been running a great rig for a while. It has SLI GTX 680's, but my monitor is only a 1680x1050 old samsung TV with a contrast ratio of only 1000:1. Now I've been wanting to get a G-Sync monitor for an absolute age, as well as a 1440p monitor, however I'd just settle for 1080p.

So the idea was to either get this monitor
Or this one

However due to the VRAM requirements for all of these new games I could upgrade to a 980 Ti for in between the same cost of those monitors as my 680's are only 2GB.

I'm extremely torn, so hopefully someone could give some extra pros and cons besides VRAM which is all I can really think of at the moment. I would get some performance increase, but not a significant amount so I'm really basing this on my need for more VRAM which is a bigger concern.
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