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Originally Posted by Pr3d4t0r View Post

so I came across this strange issue recently; every now and then, around three or 4 times a day my PC would "freeze" its very noticeable when listening to music as it sounds like a scratched CD that can't play part of song and gets stuck repeating small chunk.

I am running 4.7ghz 4770k + oc'd 970 but my hx860i should handle that easily.

I ran prime for 8 hours overnight(fair to say room got hot :P) without errors or bsod.

ran kombustor for 2 hours no problems.

ran p95 on 7 threads and tried to replicate the issue, and nothing.

I did install new RAM, 2 dimms were used but I've ran 5hours of memtest with no fails.

Any ideas?

NEVER use Kombuster or anything of the Furmark sort. They damage the hardware and draw an immense amount of power that is far more than you card would ever pull. It'll easily and happily draw another 50watts or more compared to other benchmarks.

Stick with 3dmark or Unigene benchmarks for the GPU and Cinebench or OCCT for the CPU.

and bad driver installs could cause the OS the stutter/freeze. Could be a bad GPU driver install. that would be the first one i would look into
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