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Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
Be happy you get to use a workshop! I have had to do everything in my apartment

And when you live with a woman who whines about the mess, I get confined to a small area of said apartment for doing all the work.
Yeah, I'm grateful for it.
My partner once said I could do things at home.....5 mins in she was horrified by the state of the kitchen

Right it's time for an update:

I have been to the workshop.....
I have broken all my dremel blades, the hacksaw was useless and the jigsaw had no suitable blade.

With that in mind I was forced so cut the MoBo tray by bending it against some aluminium bar with my hands (note: Never do that again)
some drilling later and I Have:

Needs painted yellow, and I need a couple finishing touches but another Item off the old list:

-[S]Adjust feet holes so the feet attach[/S].
-cut and file the rad mounts for airflow
-[S]file the pillars to make the rads less 'snug'[/S]
-[S]cut and file the PSU hole[/S].
-[S]cut metal mobo tray.[/S]
-sand case
-Paint case
-Polish feet

We Are getting there

The next problem to tackle is the rad mounts.... They've taken some work, I have grown to hate them for what they've put me through. But Here is one with only it's mounting holes:

Here is one with part of it cut away for increased airflow:

That took 2 dremel blades and I still need another 15mm off either sides of the mounting holes

I plan to Drill it, lots of big holes, file it flat (god damn I hate filing now )
So more to do, pushing this build back....I wanna turn on the shiny things!!!

On another note, I had planned to show off a selection of design ideas....as it is I've only done one.
So Here's an attempt at some further detailing on the case:

Let me know what you think

Thanks for reading
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