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yes, that was my reasoning for going with FirePro (RE: 3d heavy tasks) - seemed like a sweet spot, and the most I could put into it with destroying the rest of the budget. Wish I had gotten the v7900 tho, in retrospect it would have been worth it. There's a lot of criticism of AMD, especially of the CPU's - a brand image problem which I think about sometimes.

I'd say the stability/predictability is more important to me at the end of the day.

I am curious why Nvidia Professional Quadros are so much more pricey then the FirePro. -- maybe my info is bad. I haven't seriously looked into building a system in over a year. I would buy FirePro again, but would look elsewhere too.

Does Nvidia have such a lock on the Game Developer market that they can simply charge huge amounts for the pro cards? XBox uses Nvidia if I'm not mistaken - come to think of it, I ran PhysX on the V5900 and it had noticeable frame-rate drop. hmm. There is a huge difference between a 2GB Radeons and 2GB Nvidia pro cards.

I can't imagine the entire price difference is driven by cost of manufactury - what I gather is there is more demand for the pro Nvidia cards.
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