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Originally Posted by Avet View Post
I don't mind brands making everything as long as they keep up with expectations. These are Seasonic PSUs. They are basically bombproof.

Esthetics is a big thing. You can have an excellent performing PC in a metal box under the table, but if you want to have it all nice and shiny you pay extra.
Braided cables, G.Skill Royal RAM, Tempered Glass cases, and pretty much every single component has a beautification variant that doesn't add performance (except RGB ) and costs extra. So why not have a nice PSU to match your ROG themed rig? Yes, it will cost more than the Seasonic variant but it is a beautification tax, not an ASUS tax.

It is OK to pay extra for fancy cables, and TG and it is not OK to pay extra for a fancy PSU. I don't see the logic there.

The Asus tax is the tax on top of the "beautification" tax as you call it. Because they will always strive to be the most expensive product in any given market to seem premium when in reality they are not.
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