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Originally Posted by JayCobs View Post
Noctua for the WIN!!!
Haha, yeah those coolers are pretty neat. Build quality is superb. Although I most likely
won't actually be using any Noctua fans, but the San Ace ones instead.

Originally Posted by Tripp View Post
bloody hell alpenwasser, is there ever a point where you doing have a build on the go haha
Haha, yeah once I'm done with this and HELIOS I'll be done for quite a while I reckon.
No monies left after that.

Originally Posted by Gk1ngs View Post
If it purpose is to be a server and you are not going to put a window panel on it I don't think there is much reason to paint/powder coat the inside. As much as it would be nice to see and make a good build log, it just is not necessary.
That's what I've been thinking TBH. It would be totally awesome to make this all pretty
and such, but as things are now I can neither justify the costs to my dad (who would be
paying for it) nor do I have the time, with time being the bigger problem (I might be able
to get the cash to pay for powder coating myself). But hey, maybe at a later date?

Despite that, there will definitely be custom cables. If I can't have pretty colours I at
least want things to be anally tidy and neat.

Originally Posted by Gk1ngs View Post
Definately good prices on the hardware, curious how well it performs. I have plans for a home server/test bench with virtualisation so could do with something with a little bit of guts about it.
I'm pretty happy with the costs so far, yes (especially the CPUs). Had a few stability
issues, been running mprime (the Linux version of Prime95) for the past few days, will
make a post about that once I'm confident I've resolved any possible stability problems
and when I get the time to write it up.

If you want to go virtualization, you might be interested in some hexacores instead of
quadcore CPUs (though I'm not an expert on virt, so I might be off on that one). The
L5639 is currently going for about 100 USD a pop on eBay. But for this rig that wasn't
really necessary (even eight cores is probably overkill for a file server, although I will
be using ZFS' on-the-fly compression feature, which should make good use of that
CPU power at least some of the time).

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